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If you owned and lived in your home for at least two years before it is sold, the law — today at least — is clear: you can exclude from profit up to $250,000 if you are single or $500,000 if you are married and file a joint return. But what if you have made a profit on your house, but sell it before the magic two years spelled out in the tax law?FULL STORY ->
Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or a downsizing retiree – there is a definite trend toward people buying and building smaller homes. It’s a fact, houses are getting smaller. It seems there is a new world-view developing – people are shunning the ideals of bigger is better in exchange for a more modest lifestyle, despite what is in their pocket books. FULL STORY ->
For a society that likes shiny new things, the latest research could foreshadow a surprising trend — homebuyers choosing older homes over new construction. Find out why… FULL STORY ->
Homeowner associations hire managers for two basic reasons: to carry out board policies and to manage the homeowner association’s business affairs. Sometimes, however, the manager’s role is misunderstood which could bring the manager into conflict with the board or members. FULL STORY ->
The concept of intergenerational housing, where seniors live in a separate suite connected to their children’s home, has yet to take off in a big way. That may be about to change as Canada’s senior population doubles by 2036.FULL STORY ->
Mom died a year ago, leaving the family home in Maryland to me and my brother. I live in the house and would like to stay there, but my brother — who lives in California — wants to sell it and take his half of the sales proceeds. While we generally are on good terms, my brother is now threatening to hire a lawyer to assist him. What can I do?FULL STORY ->
Most households have a room where the main activity is watching television. We’re well beyond needing simply an electrical outlet and a pair of rabbit ears to entertain ourselves at home — now, game consoles, cables, satellites, computer networks, streaming systems and stereo components can all communicate with your television.FULL STORY ->
When you picture a contemporary bedroom, you most likely think of pale woods, plenty of white sheets and lots of monochrome. However, being contemporary doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice charisma or personality. Here are four ways to express yourself in a modern master. FULL STORY ->
Many property owners today are unaware of the sensitive legal issues in the landlord-tenant relationship. Being ignorant of the law does not relieve you of your culpability, so educating yourself on the essential legal requirements of being a landlord is the first step to protecting your property, your investments and your financial future.FULL STORY ->
If you were going on an important job interview, you’d dress to impress. That’s exactly what you want to do with your home too–dress or, rather, stage to impress and sell! FULL STORY ->
Flowers boost our moods and can help reduce stress.This might be why information resource About Flowers found that 27 percent of people purchasing flowers are doing so for themselves. To see what all the hype is about, start with some easy ways to surround yourself with fresh blooms, plants and nature. Here’s a round-up of simple and cost-effective ways to bring more nature into your home. FULL STORY ->
Mean Girls. Funny movie, terrible reality. What do you do when the mean girl lives next door? Here are some tips to enduring, overcoming and shutting her down. FULL STORY ->
Approximately 85 percent of home sellers use a real estate professional to sell their homes. But did you know that buyers who are represented are also more likely to have a successful transaction? FULL STORY ->
Owner financing could be the answer for many. If the parties protect themselves by adhering to state regulations and use reputable sources to help navigate the transaction safely, including their real estate professionals and attorneys, it could be the ideal alternative to bank financing. FULL STORY ->
Landlords have duties to tenants beyond that of providing habitable premises with working heating and plumbing systems, roofs that don’t leak, etc. They also must take reasonable measures to protect tenants from foreseeable harm that might result from conditions on the premises. Such harm includes possible criminal acts. FULL STORY ->
Which change to the street face of your home can dramatically up its value while expressing your delight as a homeowner? PJ Wade shares 9 Success Tips for your statement entry door make-over. FULL STORY ->
Everyone loves a bargain. And at a mere $35, IKEA’s famous RAST three-drawer chest is most certainly that. It’s also practical, functional, great for storage in practically any space, made of actual wood, and, best of all, easy to transform to match nearly any style of décor. FULL STORY ->
Granite, quartz, marble, concrete – there are so many relatively standard options for countertops. But what if you want something a little different? FULL STORY ->
Feeling overwhelmed as you try to get office work done at home? In as little as a few hours, your cluttered home office space can become an efficient machine, capable of maximizing your productivity, and ensuring better time management. FULL STORY ->
A new study reveals the impact of student college loan debt on the housing market. According to the report by John Burns Consulting, an Irvine, California-based firm, 414,000 homes sales won’t happen because of high levels of student debt and the monthly-payback burden. FULL STORY ->